Yea Yea! I heard about that on the news last night… I think?

“Any fool can know. The point is to understand.”

― Albert Einstein

Sometimes I question myself and this blog: Why am I doing this? Do people get what I’m trying to say? Am I being too analytical? Am I writing about what people want to learn? Am I making this interesting? But what I have come to realize over the past few weeks is that this blog serves a purpose, which is to keep my friends, family and colleagues informed about an industry that is undoubtedly the backbone of the American economy.

I’ve noticed that the general public often ignores the financial industry unless some sort of catastrophic event occurs. When such an event is explained on TV, there is usually bias associated with it. If you’re watching a big cable news network, the information they are providing is somewhat skewed because at the end of the day, they need their bills paid by shareholders. To keep those shareholders happy, they must deliver the news they want to hear. On the other hand, your favorite local news channel simply does not have enough time to divulge half the news the big cable networks can give you. So, for the average American, watching the news to stay informed on financial analysis just isn’t a priority and isn’t worth the confusion.

Here is where this blog comes into play: My job is to provide unbiased, informative finance news you need to know, brought to you in a way that is fresh, easy to read and easy to understand. Heading into 2014, there are things you need to know, but in order for you to understand the terms, names and acronyms I’m going to use in the next few blog posts, I will need to explain them. They won’t be textbook verbiage; rather, they will be words and names that you probably have heard but never quite understood where they came from or what they mean. These next few blog posts will be short but precise, and I will do my best to make them easy to understand. Join me in this adventure of financial enlightenment.

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The Mortgage Story By Victor Brown-Roberson

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